Lifestyle company that creates a better life

We are thinking about the value that space can be, where our daily life stays.
We define a convenient standard of living and propose a witful living environment.
CSLiving allows you to share a great day with you
We will create a space where nature intersects.



CSG itself to improve the quality of life of customers
Placed differentiation from other companies through market analysis
At the core of supplying products.

Entering the global

In global markets such as China, Europe, North America and Southeast Asia
Established as a global company that solidifies its location
I will do my best.

1st class living brand

Higher quality products and differentiated services The core CSG received is the Korean people
1st place To grow into a living gate company I'll do my bes


CSG, which started with confidence and a sense of mission,
creates history with unknown values and philosophies.


Attempt not to be afraid of becoming

With an attitude that doesn't overlook the change, it will be at the forefront, not following the trend that will soon change.


Growth like, value growth!

For the benefit of the collection, we will create CSG for all growth and happiness, not for personal benefit.


Communication and cooperation

Talk and communication produce better results.
If we run toward one goal,
we will communicate with each other in an expansive manner.


Challenges for a new platform

We will challenge you to see CSG products on various platforms in order to get closer to your customers.


Always the same passion first

CSG began with a passion and aspiration to make the best, and a pride in technology. Looking back on the passion to get started, the living brand is good with the customer.

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