TUULI, clean water purse stick cleaner


- Stick mop with 4 steps of adjustable length

- Stick pad using ultra-fine material

- A stick that can be used on a surface without being worn

The daily necessities brand "CSLiving" has released two new cleaning products, "Clip Stick Mop" and "Magic Tep Stick Mop".

The clip stick mop this time is a hand mop type stick mop that targets the customer base who prefers hand mops when cleaning the floor.
The feature is that it can be used on one side when the hand mop is fixed with a clip and cannot be attached and one side becomes dirty.

The Velcro stick mop is a good magic tape type for easy use.
Dust and dirt can be easily removed using ultra-fine materials.

Both products can be used according to the situation and application where the length can be adjusted in 4 steps.
In addition, the fluffy handle enhances the grip and reduces the feeling of exhaustion during sweeping.

While Corona 19 has it, the consumer's spirit of cleanliness is rising.
We plan to target products that can be used more conveniently when cleaning the house, and more details can be found on the CS Living Official Homepage.

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